Saturday, 5 October 2013


If you understand the meaning of the three letter title, sorry for the language!!

335 was booked to take part in the Theydon Bois running day as part of the North London transport society's autumn transport bazaar event.

We got 20 minutes down the road from where she's stored and I got a warning light light on the dash informing me of low engine coolant level. Now I had checked the coolant level prior to departure (I check all fluids as a matter of routine) but I duly pulled over and rechecked it - it was still full.

Being as the temperature gauge was indicating that we were in danger of over heating I made the decision to turn round and return to storage. Upon arrival and having sought advice, I confirmed what I suspected - we have air trapped in the coolant system. To top the day off, the radiator sprang a leak about two hours after being parked up.

Looks like the season is over despite the last event still being a week away - Canvey Island on the 13th....

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