Tuesday, 3 November 2015


My fleet has a new member!

W437CWX, the last Olympian built for the UK was today acquired from First Eastern Counties.

In fact not only is she the last UK Olympian (only two more were built and both went to Southern Ireland) but she carries the last ever Alexander Royale body and is last full sized step entrance bus to enter service in the UK. Quite a celebrity then!!

It does have a number of issues - the most obvious visually is the nearside top deck window missing....less visual is the chassis corrosion. She's also missing a number of parts taken to keep others on the road - first item to replace will be the fuel pump so that I can get her moving again under her own steam.

Here we are ready to leave Great Yarmouth garage:

With that top deck window missing, some extra bits & bobs found their way on board!