Saturday, 1 June 2013

2 down and one gone

It is the eve of the Clacton rally and unfortunately I don't have a bus to take!!

335 still remains to be fixed (not building up enough air), and although 302's bodywork is still ongoing it too is having air problems in that the right hand side suspension isn't lifting as it should. Maybe its decided to keep 335 company!!

So that's the two down, meaning 317 is the one gone.

317 now has a new owner though will still be parked at the same place as it is now. I'm told the new owner is intending to keep 317 pretty much as she is now which is pleasing to know. The reason I ended up selling after a couple of false starts is that trying to maintain three 'commercial' vehicles was proving to be a bit too much.

The next event is North Weald and I will have one on the road by then!!