Monday, 20 April 2015

London Bus Museum's Spring Gathering

After the tow back following the failed attempt to reach the South East Bus Festival at Detling, DAF P337ROO was again subject to more mechanical work. In addition to fixing the leaking power steering pipe, an inspection was carried out prior to MOT - it was found that the exhaust back box needed replacing as did the pipes off the compressor, so these were replaced too. A few other odd jobs were also done, including engine oil & filter change.

The MOT was a straightforward affair with no advisories.

So the big question was, would it make the trip to Brooklands? From where I keep my buses its a 200 mile round trip......

Well I'm pleased to say she made it with no issues at all. In fact she ran so well I even diverted off on the way back to visit friends and pop into Lakeside bus station for a cheeky photo!

Here she is at Brooklands:

And here we are in Lakeside bus station. Unfortunately my camera couldn't pick up the destination blind in the bright sunlight, but as my friends live on the 33 route, and I'd accidentally picked that stand to pull onto, I cheekily put up the Ensign route on 337: