Sunday, 6 December 2015

Something different

I only normally do bus rallies or running days, but a combination of my family & friends often saying about how it'd be good to go out for a day trip on one of my buses along with the perfect opportunity combined to make a good day out today.

The event was the Dickinsian Christmas Festival in Rochester, Kent, which combines the themes of Charles Dickens (Rochester was his home town) with Christmas. Locals dress up and play the parts of people from Charles Dickens time - you have everything from Policeman to drunkards to differeng generations of the same family - they wander up and down the High Street and interact with visitors; it really does add to the whole atmostphere of the day.

There's also snow machines all along the High Street and a fun fair within the grounds of the castle. A live brass band between the Castle and the High Street play all day and into the early evening and later on there's carol singers in the High Street, in period dress naturally!

We've been going for a couple of years now and usually end up taking 5 or 6 cars. Swapping the cars for one bus was a bit of a no brainer really so I booked in with Medway council and duly got myself free parking for the bus and a departure slot as part of the event arrangements which meant my friends could all be delivered straight to the event and picked up directly from it after - the only person having to suffer the park & ride service was myself.

Here is 337 having unloaded at the drop off point right next to the event: