Saturday, 16 March 2013

Winter Blues

A few updates....

My latest vehicle, Volvo B10M D302PEV successfully passed her MOT on collection day from Mullanys Coaches, Watford. It performed magnificently on the run home to North Essex, easily achieving the legal maximum on motorways of 70 mph!! I'm think I'm gonna enjoy my long distance runs!!

The same cannot be said of my double decker, P335ROO. After spending three hours getting the back lights to work correctly, I attempted to take it for MOT (on Friday 15th March); but when I first left the storage location it wouldn't go out of first gear. After turning round and going back the gears started to work - too long sat around? possibly.

So attempt 10 minutes down the road and the throttle stuck on. Between myself and a mechanic we've found that at some point in its life the throttle cable has been bodged following a failure; and on this particular occasion the bodge also failed. It was an interesting experience getting it back home again!!

So needless to say that 335 still remains to be MOT'd. Following arrival back home, the final insult was a puddle of coolant on the floor. I'm suspecting the radiator is buggered, though I'm hoping its not that serious.......

In other news, the Dart will soon have a new owner; pending some outstanding remedial work.

And I bet you thought it all goes quiet for preserved bus owners in the winter months!!