Friday, 28 November 2014

RIP 335

You may recall throughout this blog the amount of grief I've experienced with DAF P335ROO.

To name a few things:

Angle drive
Throttle cable failure
Compressor pipe failure, twice!
Footbrake Valve
Air dryer pack
Power Steering

It shut down the MOT station for 7 hours, broke down almost every time I took it out on the road and came back from North Weald bus rally on the back of a tow truck.

The final straw was a tank - a proper millitary one - reversing into it at my storage location damaging the nearside front corner, fibre glass panels inside and out plus both windscreens.

Well having decided that I can no longer trust the vehicle, a few enquiries were made regarding the price of scrap and the decision was taken to send it to one the bus graveyards at Barnsley. Wigley's of Barnsley came and took 335 today and that's the end of its story. RIP 335 - you certainly made a few memories for me!