Thursday, 20 March 2014


The day has finally arrived and P337ROO was collected from TM Travel in Sheffield and driven back to her new home in Essex.

Having stopped periodically on the journey to make sure everything was ok, we were having a good run down the M1 motorway........then it was onto the A14 and at the first roundabout I saw a massive amount of white smoke or steam at the back as I stopped..........

Turned out to be coolant but the header tank was still full and so I can only assume it was a combination of being overfilled at the start of the journey and the long run at constant top speed. From this point on I never went above 50mph (top speed being 56mph) and this seemed to resolve the issue.

That is until we hit the A505 and stopped for a routine check..........I discovered a split water hose and a fairly steady stream of coolant running out onto the road. It took about 10 litres of water to refill the system. As the leak was minor, I elected to carry on (we were only about 20 minutes from "home").....

Several stops and refills later we successfully made it with the leak being only marginally worse than when originally discovered. Thankfully the guilty hose should be a relatively easy fix.

So there we are, my fourth bus is now safely tucked up in her new home in North Essex.


  1. Having worked at TM Travel with this vehicle, it is nice to see her go into preservation. Please keep us informed

    1. There's a possibility, subject to repainting in time, that I'll be taking 337 to Showbus at Duxford in September.

      Your boss, Paul Hopkinson, said he is keen to see it there (as its the furthest north I go to any rally), so perhaps you can talk him into bringing a bus with a few of you on board? Mind you, its quite a way from your neck of the woods!......

  2. Excellent. Even it isn't repainted and you still decide to go, it will still be nice to see her again. We go to Showbus every year and this year, I am pleased it is back at Duxford!