Monday, 6 May 2013

Changing plans

Well I said in the last update that I wasn't going to make a start on 302's bodywork till the 335 (the double decker) was up & running, and that I was taking 302 to the first couple of rallies, implying that I was taking 302 to the London Bus Museums Spring Gathering......

In the end I took the old faithful, 317, to the Spring Gathering.

Reasons were various but mainly due to the state of 302's bodywork. As can be seen below, it is as bad as I suspected in the area between the first passenger window and wheel arch. As we go further back things improve dramatically, though the top box section does need replacing under the 2nd and 3rd windows.

I wasn't intending to make a start on 302 just yet, but much like when you have a piece of wall paper starting to peel start picking at it and before long its all stripped off.....

As things currently stand this does mean I'm down to having just 317 on the road - work is progressing on 335 though and it is expected to be on the road in time for the next event, the Yeldham Transport Museum open day (19th May 2013).

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